Take Charge of Your Financial Future:
Discover How Kingdom Women Start Investing
​in Real Estate From Scratch!


Earn Big Money on Property You Never Own, Without Big Risks, Tons of Capital, Experience  or  Real Estate License!

Discover How to Cash in on Controlling Property You Never Own & Helping Property Owners at the Same Time!

Stop thinking you must sacrifice integrity to make money...

The Perfect system

for New Investors!

Wholesaling is the niche of earning profit on real estate you never own, making it one of the most popular niches for new investors!

​Here are just a few benefits...

  • Low to No capital required so you can start investing right now!
  • NO real estate license required because you are not working like a real estate agent AND it's completely legal!
  • No experience necessary because you never own the property, you  avoid the risks of ownership!
  • ​Virtual wholesaling makes it easy to make money from home, so you can earn while staying home to raise children!
  • Low overhead because you don't need an expensive office or letterhead or other storefront start-up costs!
  • Low risk, so you can jump into real estate investing without worry, fear or anxiety!
  • WHOLESALING is literally the FOUNDATION for real estate investing, equipping you to earn as you learn without the risks associated with owning real estate!

Sharon's biblically-based Mastering Wholesaling system equips you with easy to follow A to Z, how-to instructions for everything you need to know to find distressed property owners, market to them to buy their property (including free and paid techniques), determine what to pay (formula included), complete simple forms and sales agreement, with scripts for speaking to everyone along the journey, all the way to the profitable sale of your first deal.


The Perfect Profit System for New Investors:

  • ​Work from Home
  • ​Low Overhead
  • Low Risk, High Reward
  • Limited Capital Requirement
  • ​No Real Estate License Required
  • ​Learn as You Earn Strategy
  • ​Earn More Money in Less Time
  • ​Launching Pad for Flipping & Keeping
  • ​Work from Home
  • ​Low Overhead
  • Low Risk, High Reward
  • Limited Capital Requirement
  • ​No Real Estate License Required
  • ​Learn as You Earn Strategy
  • ​Earn More Money in Less Time
  • ​Launching Pad for Flipping & Keeping

The BONUS: When Kingdom business women get to be marketplace ministers, we get the blessing of being His hands and feet. I have sat across the table from countless moms, dads, you name it, and helped them out of incredibly tough financial situations. When people are struggling to the point of selling a problem property, they are willing to hear about Jesus and even more agreeable to prayer. This is when God moves and we get to be an instrument in it. Someone is going to buy that house - it may as well be a Kingdom investor who God can use in the process!

The Foundation...

“Every investor should know how to wholesale. It's the foundation of Real Estate Investing.”

Sharon Restrepo



Anatomy of a Wholesale deal is your video workshop walking you through every step in the wholesale transaction, offering you even greater confidence in understanding  each step in the process! 

Value $397.00


My Virtual Wholesaling video workshop teaches you how to wholesale property from anywhere in the United States, whether that property is down the street or across the county.  This strategy equips investors by giving them  the strategies to invest where they may have friends, family,  or want to live or vacation in the future. Nothing is impossible!

Value $297.00


My investor-friendly real estate sales agreement is provided for you, along with a video Masterclass walking you through how to  easily understand it and fill in each blank. I even include special clauses it took my years to develop that protect you in each transaction.

Value $1,500.00


Confidence either comes from experience OR practicing what to say from professional written scripts and that's exactly what I've done for you. You'll receive scripts for speaking with sellers and everyone involved in your transaction from beginning to end! 



Enjoy my 9-part Masterclass video on the Art of Wholesaling, starting from the beginning. In this series, I share the foundation of investing in real estate making this  niche easier to understand, digest and implement with confidence!

Value  $497.00


HOT SEATS are live virtual coaching sessions  for Kingdom women  working the MASTERING WHOLESALING System. A great place to ask Questions, get answers, receive coaching, mentorship, continuing ed, market updates & more!
HOT SEAT invitations are good for one year following investment.


$12,541.00 Now, Including ALL Bonuses...
ONLY $2,797!

Take 3 Simple Action Steps
​Right Now & Begin Your Investing Journey!

Earning While You Learn to Invest Has Never Been So Easy...

  • WATCH my How-To Master Wholesaling video workshop at the top of the page!
  • TAKE ACTION by enrolling in the Special Savings & start learning to earn!
  • MARK your CALENDAR for my upcoming live Zoom Coaching HOT SEAT & enjoy live coaching calls alongside your newest friends on the same journey to success in real estate investing!​

Begin your journey of creating income,  growing wealth & preparing to enjoy an abundant retirement, all by using biblically-based strategies!

Wholesale Case Study: $34,000!

6 Unit Commercial Residential
Bank Seller Needed a Buyer Fast for their REO asset
$34,000 Earned on Student's FIRST Wholesale!

Will You Be Next?

The Next Case Study Could be Yours!

Wholesale Case Study: $17,000!

Duplex  (Two Unit) Property
Long-distance Seller Needed to Unload their Headache
$17,000 Earned NEVER owning the Property!

Wholesale Case Study: $17,200!

Single Family Home Illegally Turned into Rooming House
Vacant Home - 5 Acre Lot - Overgrown - Seller in Foreclosure
$17,200 Profit Earned using the Wholesale Strategy!

Frequently Asked Questions

A few frequently asked questions & answers follow...

How  do I get my questions answered ?

Great question! Mastering Wholesaling Kingdom women are invited to join our private FB community where we can enjoy our investing journey together. There I equip His Daughters to walk in their destiny to create wealth through investing in real estate using biblical principles. This is a great place to post questions, get answers and support one another!

If I have a real estate license, can  I  still wholesale? 

YES! Anyone over the age of 18 can wholesale real estate. It can be done whether you have a real estate license or none at all.  There is one difference and that is real estate license holders must disclose that they are licensed in writing on the sales agreement. I am a licensed broker and a full-time investor and I love being able to use both to my advantage!

Can I start wholesaling part-time?

YES! You can start wholesaling with the available time you have. In the Mastering Wholesaling system, I teach you how to use the time you have to your advantage so whether you work during the day or at night, I give you the best strategies to use whatever resources you have as your launching pad, part-time or full-time!

Do I need money to make a deposit on a sales agreement?

NO! My sales agreement is written so that any deposit stated may be posted in the timeframe you choose, so that even your buyer's deposit may be substituted for yours and it's completely legal. I've paid careful attention to equipping my students in being able to invest with the "little" they may have in their house today! 


In addition to the online version of this entire course, you will also receive a published copy of the Mastering Wholesaling course book as a BONUS!


If you are not satisfied with the quality and content of the Mastering Wholesaling system, you can return it for a complete refund anytime within six months from purchase date!


Kingdom women implementing the Mastering Wholesaling system are invited to join our private FB community so we can enjoy our investing journey together!

DISCLAIMER: This course is designed to teach you how to wholesale real property. In no event is it designed to replace an attorney, tax advisor or other professional expert’s opinion or law. The author(s) and instructors are real estate investors, not attorneys or tax professionals. There is no guaranty that investing in real estate is safe and/or profitable. You are encouraged to seek legal counsel and tax advice before making any and every real estate investment. Be sure to check the validity and legality of each strategy, technique, clause and form with a legal and tax expert in your area prior to using them.

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